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a smiling patient after having Damon Braces using Insignia from Naborowski Orthodontics
Your smile is unique. When you have crooked teeth, your orthodontic needs are unique, too. To help you achieve the best possible results, your treatment should be tailored just for you. Traditional braces are effective, but they cannot be customized to meet your needs. Thanks to advances in dental and orthodontic technology, Naborowski Orthodontics can now create a treatment plan that is specific just to you, allowing you to get the beautiful, healthy smile you have always dreamed of. This is all possible with Insignia.

What Is Insignia?

Insignia is a highly advanced system that is used alongside the Damon system braces. It uses fully interactive software that enables us to create custom brackets and see every step of the treatment process. Traditionally, the placement of brackets was determined by taking physical impressions of your mouth using impression putty. This putty is not only messy and uncomfortable, but it can also be quite inaccurate. With Insignia, we take a digital impression of your mouth. The impression then appears on the computer monitor in 3D. This creates a much more comfortable experience for patients. It also allows us to see a map of your teeth, which then enables us to both create your custom brackets as well as determine optimal bracket placement.

More Customized Treatment

Insignia is an advanced software that enables us to completely customize your orthodontic treatment that will help you to achieve optimal results. Where most traditional braces are generic, and all of your brackets are the same, Insignia allows us to create custom brackets for each tooth. The results are a faster and much more precise treatment. The 3D model created by your digital impression shows us the exact positioning of your teeth and also takes your facial symmetry into account. Your braces are specific to your mouth, and your mouth alone and the results are nothing short of incredible.

Improved Treatment Experience

Because of the customized brackets and a more personalized treatment plan, Insignia allows for a much better treatment experience. Treatments planned using Insignia are generally shorter than traditional treatments. In many cases, your treatment time can be reduced as much as 6 to 12 months. With less treatment time, the risk for decalcification, or the formation of white spots on your teeth, due to poor oral hygiene is significantly reduced. Additionally, you do not need to have as many adjustment appointments. This means that there is much less disruption in your schedule. You do not have to worry about missing nearly as much work or school to have your braces adjusted.

See the End Results Before You Start

With traditional treatments, you see the results gradually, as your teeth are being moved. Insignia offers a unique feature. This advanced technology allows for us, and for you, to see what your smile will look like when your treatment is over, even before your treatment begins. This can provide you with something to look forward to, rather than just simply waiting to see the results when your braces finally come off. For more information on Insignia, and just what it can do for you, call Naborowski Orthodontics today at (630) 543-5051.

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