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Damon® Braces

Damon Braces from Naborowski Orthodontics
Crooked teeth can cause several different issues. Not only do they impact the quality of your smile and your confidence, crooked teeth can also have a major effect on your oral health and your comfort. When your teeth are crooked, your risk for cavities and gum disease increases. Other effects include uneven tooth wear, tooth damage, and significant jaw and TMJ pain. Traditionally, the treatment for crooked teeth has been metal braces. Today, however, Naborowski Orthodontics provides an alternative to traditional braces with Damon braces.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are a system of braces that, like traditional braces, use brackets and wires to correct the alignment of your teeth. However, instead of using elastic O-rings to attach the wires to the brackets, Damon braces are self-ligating. The brackets instead have a sliding mechanism on them. Your wires are attached to your brackets using these sliding mechanisms, allowing for more natural movement as your teeth begin to realign. The self-ligating nature of Damon braces means that your braces do not need to be adjusted. Instead, they adjust themselves. The wires, called memory wires, connect to slide brackets that reduce the amount of pressure on your teeth. As your teeth shift, the wires tighten themselves. Additionally, Damon braces can also help to eliminate the need for palatal expanders or tooth extractions that may be necessary with traditional braces.

The Benefits of Damon Braces

There are several benefits associated with Damon braces.
•  They do not cause as many aesthetic issues. While the brackets of Damon braces are metal, no elastic O-rings helps to reduce their obviousness. Additionally, we also offer Damon Clear, which uses clear brackets instead, greatly reducing their visibility.
•  The sliding mechanism of Damon braces helps your teeth to move more freely. As a result, the teeth move faster, reducing your treatment time. In many cases, your treatment time can be reduced upwards of 6 months as compared to treatment with traditional braces.
•  Damon braces reduce the amount of pressure placed on your teeth, making treatment more comfortable than treatment with traditional braces.
•  There is less friction, which reduces the forces on your teeth.
•  Oral hygiene is easier. Damon braces are easier to maintain, helping you to reduce your risk for cavities and decalcification. It is still essential that you continue to brush and floss your teeth normally, however, to maintain a healthy mouth.
•  Without the need for manual tightening, the number of office visits you need during your treatment is reduced.

Are There Any Downsides to Damon Braces?

While there are many advantages to Damon braces, there are also a few disadvantages as well.
•  Because the wires are metal, they are still visible, even with Damon Clear. However, clear brackets do help to reduce their obviousness.
•  They still require time to get used to them.
•  Damon braces can cost more than traditional braces. However, the cost of Damon braces is often worth it due to the incredible benefits that the treatment offers.

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative alternative to traditional braces and want to find out if Damon braces are right for you, call Naborowski Orthodontics today at (630) 543-5051.

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