Types of Braces



Many people long to have a perfect and straight smile, but are hesitant to take the plunge and get braces. The idea of wearing braces can be daunting for some people, but with modern technology, people are able to get a perfect smile in less time and with fewer office visits. Insignia is a new orthodontic system that is changing how perfect smiles are being made.

Insignia is a software system that is interactive and it lets your doctor design a perfect smile that is specific to you. It uses virtual 3D imaging to create a model of your mouth. With this digital model, your doctor will be able to determine what the most efficient and effective treatment is to help you get a perfect smile.


You will receive your custom archwires after your doctor has developed your treatment plan, and they will help your teeth get into the correct position efficiently and directly.

Insignia offers many benefits for those who use it, including:

  • Archwires are custom-made for efficient tooth movement
  • Braces that are created just for you
  • Brackets are placed precisely, which offers predictable treatment results
  • It’s a personalized treatment, so there is reduced time wearing braces
  • Less office visits

If you are thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, you can contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike. He will be more than happy to answer your questions about braces and the Insignia orthodontic system.

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