New Technology

New Orthodontic Technology


Proseal: Since 2006, we have routinely sealed the facial and buccal enamel of all teeth with PROSEAL from Reliance (Itasca, IL) after brace placement in effort to reduce the incidence of decalcification (white scars on the teeth from poor hygiene). At brace removal, all remaining sealant is polished away to allow successful bleaching.

Soft tissue Laser: Perhaps the greatest added benefit of soft tissue laser treatment is the ability to handle more tooth impactions and gum issues in office – without the extra appointments and added expense of the periodontist/oral surgeon. We can now uncover mild impactions and refine gum contours with no bleeding and using only topical anesthetic. No shots! Although we still rely on our surgical teammates, it’s nice to handle some of these issues in our own office.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us at: 630.543.5051


To Schedule a Complimentary Consultation, Please Call us At 630.543.5051