Early Treatment

There are three reasons that children may benefit from orthodontic treatment prior to losing the baby teeth. Preventing a problem, intercepting a developing problem, and guiding the growth of the jaws are the most common reasons for early treatment.

Without this first phase of treatment, your child’s problem, if left alone, will create an unhealthy environment for the growth and development of the teeth, gums, jaws and face. The treatment will be timed to predictable stages of dental development to provide the greatest potential for improvement and correction of your child’s malocclusion.

Some typical problems requiring early treatment include: habit control treatment to eliminate thumb/finger sucking, the correction of severe protrusion of front teeth to provide an amazing psycho-social benefit, the correction of cross bite to prevent tooth wear, gum recession and jaw asymmetries, and the correction or prevention of severe dental crowding to provide the necessary space for future tooth eruption.

Most patients will require a second phase of treatment, often with traditional braces, to complete the tooth and jaw alignment that was started during the first phase of treatment.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us at: 630.543.5051

To Schedule a Complimentary Consultation, Please Call us At 630.543.5051