Damon Smile

Damon Smile Braces

Dr. Mike now offers Damon Smile braces for his patients. Damon Smile braces have a slide mechanism that holds the archwire, which lessens the pressure that is exerted on the teeth. This helps the teeth to move more quickly and comfortably.

Tie-less Braces
Since there is not as much pressure being placed on the teeth with tie-less braces, there are usually not as many adjustments needed because there are no elastics to replace.

Damon Smile Technology
Damon Smile braces allow for excellent tooth movement with minimal discomfort in order to create beautiful and lifelong smiles. Tie-less brackets are coupled with high-tech archwires, and these braces allow you to be treated without the need for tightening.

Treatment Time
The amount of time that each patient will need to wear braces will vary, but treatment with Damon Smile braces is usually faster than with conventional braces. You also do not need to have as many appointments during your treatment. Damon Smile works very quickly and uses mild, low-friction force, providing patients with minimal discomfort.

Extremely Convenient
The design of Damon Smile braces allows them to be very discreet. They are comfortable to wear and very easy to clean. Since they do not have elastic ties, you do not get a plaque buildup. Dental hygiene is easy to keep up with while wearing Damon braces, allowing for optimal results.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us at: 630.543.5051

To Schedule a Complimentary Consultation, Please Call us At 630.543.5051